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When space is at a premium, look no further than the best safe to meet that need... Liberty Safe PREMIUM 20! Specifically built to fit within a 24 inch deep closet or any custom location, this safe has 75-mins of fire protection and ample security. Beautifully trimmed and fully customizable interior. Packed with features like an electronic lock and 2 jewelry doors...the Premium 20 is a sweet safe in a compact package. 

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $1,849
Payments starting as low as $42.06 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Premium 20 Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.3 out of 5 stars for 8 customers ratings and reviews

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written by JP on January 4, 2017

Well worth the money!
written by Doug and Beth Johnson on August 13, 2016
Professionally built, the quality is evident. Ask yourself, What are my priorities to keep my weapons safe? My important documents safe? My jewelry safe? What about fire protection? Can a thief just steal the safe or break into it? Not this one! The unit oozes top notch quality! The locking mechanism and keypad is first class. Workmanship and materials are extraordinary. Fantastic fire protection for peace of mind. Inside the unit is organized like I would want it. Liberty is a bit pricey but worth every cent! Safety should be priceless!

Crime protection, Fire protection and the right size all in one.
written by Mr. Better Safe than Sorry on August 16, 2015
The Premium 20 will give me the peace of mind that my valuables and important documents will be preserved and protected.

In case I'm out of the house, the Premium 20 will preserve any documents that are stored in the safe, and protect them against fire and home break-in. It will make my life more enjoyable.

Thank you Liberty safes for making a great product in the U.S.A.!

Liberty Warrenty
written by Big Red on May 22, 2013
We feel much more secure when leaving our home for an extended period of time knowing we have a durable safe.

Premium 20
written by joe on January 30, 2013

Perfect fit
written by Michiganiac on January 3, 2013
The Premium 20 is a fantastic value for a closet safe. The small dimensions fit into a shallow closet easily and the D-Drive Lock makes getting into the safe fast. The included jewelry drawers are nice, but do not allow full access to the drawer without pulling it out at an angle. They are stapled excessively to a shelf and are difficult to remove and place in the correct spot so they slide completely out of drawer to allow full access to all contents. The two included lights are a great addition, although one more would be really nice as my long guns are blocked from light by the top shelf. There is a spot for a light above the rifles and I will add a light there. Overall the Premium 20 is a great first safe. It allows a lot of function and flexibility in how to store your valuables, fits in a small place and is very affordable for the fire protection and security that is delivered. I would highly recommend this safe to anyone looking for their first gun safe or in need of a closet safe. Great product.

Looks strong but a disappointment.
written by Mike P. on November 1, 2012
The safe came in looking good, lock and door operates as expected. The inside shelves were not very well put together. The side rails that hold the shelf were loose, only held by staples. The shelf clips fall out every time you try to adjust the shelf heights. The soft edging on the shelves are not glued on very well. The 2 jewelry drawers could not be opened because they hit the door jam so I had to unscrew them from the bottom of the wood shelf and reposition them hard to one side so I could open them all the way. One drawer had 5 screws, 3 on one side and 2 on the other side. The other drawer had 4 screws and 8 staples. They were a bitch to get off and reposition so the drawer would work. Where is the quality control? Some are screwed in and some are screwed and stapled. This does not give me confidence in the entire safe! I hope the operating guts inside and fire protection plates are right.
I didn't want to have to get my tools out to work on a brand new safe! After writing this and thinking about it I have no confidence in this safe because if the easy stuff is poorly constructed, how is the construction on the structure and operational stuff inside the safe.
Overall the experience was a disappointment.
Liberty's Response:
Sorry about these interior issues Mike. We can see why you would be disappointed. We are shipping you 2 new shelves on the 14th to help. Clips are included. The staples have been an issue. We are now changing out how the shelf brackets are being installed. We are using a bolt on with back washer fastening system that prevents the brackets from coming loose. Regarding the jewelry drawers, we have informed our final assembly and quality control about adjusting the jewelry drawers so they don't hit the door frame. Thanks again for your feedback. Making these corrections will help us keep our quality where it should be.

Liberty Premium 20 Safe Review
written by Grant P. on October 26, 2012
This is a fantastic product offered by Liberty. The fire protection is outstanding at 75 minutes plus the security and confidence of knowing the items in the safe are protected from theft is quite comforting. The Premium 20 safe comes with so many additional features such as 2 lights, the electronic lock, the accessory door panel, as well as the floor anchoring kit that it is truly is an amazing value. I like the executive style shelf options as well. The team that delivered and installed the safe did a very thorough job and having the safe bolted to the floor adds the extra bit of safety and security one would want. I highly recommend Liberty Safes, specifically the Premium 20 Series, to anyone that is looking for peace of mind and a great value.