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All FRANKLINS NOW ON SALE through August 27th! Backed by a 75 minutes of certified fire protection and excellent security utilizing Liberty's new 4-inch military style locking bars that are 1/4" thick, the Liberty Safe Franklin Series is built to last! With 11 beautiful finish options to perfectly compliment your home decor and Liberty's top rated 4-in-1 Flex™ interior, you can choose a Safe that is perfect for your needs. An Electrical Outlet kit, Interior Lights and Deluxe Door Panel are included in the Franklin Package.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,789
Payments starting as low as $40.70 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Franklin Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 56 customers ratings and reviews

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Great safe!
written by Bobbie on May 9, 2018
Well made.. nice interior with some nice options included. Salesman & gentleman who followed up were great. Gave 4 stars only because of a couple of issues with delivery.

written by T on April 23, 2018
Absolutely love my Franklin 25 in Piano Black. It was purchased to protect guns and valuables. One of my wife's only requirements was that it has to look good and go with the decor in the office. I do wish I wish one size bigger once we started to load the safe, but budget constraints prevented that. The safe is extremely well built and NOTHING about it feels cheaply made.

Excellent product, at a fair price, sold by very knowledgeable
written by SgtUSMC1974 on October 5, 2017
I personally liked the interior flexibility and options readily available, while my wife was able to choose an exterior she found not only acceptable but one she actually wanted to have in her home. This is a good sized safe that will fill our needs for quite some time. Strongly suspect that we will be back to purchase additional accessories as our needs develop, the availability of those accessories is also a reason I chose Liberty Safes to secure our families valuables.

Love This Safe
written by Fred Espinosa on August 30, 2017
I am very happy with the purchase of my new Franklin series safe. It is my second Liberty safe. Everything from the color to the flex interior features make this a very asthetically pleasing and versatile safe. The quality and craftsmanship has only gotten better since I purchased my first safe over 10 years ago. I am looking forward to many years of enjoying this one as well. Thank you Liberty for staying on top of the game in this very important industry.

written by Peace of Mind on August 2, 2017
The cost of a safe is not cheap, and you get what you pay for. This safe is made with quality in mind. This safe is a little more expensive than other manufactures but it is worth the extra peace of mind knowing Liberty made it. After reading and watching reviews of Liberty safes, I feel in made the right choice. The safe allows me to change the shelves around to fit all my firearms and other important items. Also, the extras like, lights, electrical outlet, door storage, and dehumidifier were great.

written by B-RAAD317 on July 27, 2017
Price was great! Delivery was easy! Can't wait to fill it up!

written by JULIO on June 28, 2017

Right Safe for Right Application
written by Chattylow on April 8, 2017
I live in Florida and have my safe in the garage (hot and humid). The local Liberty Dealer (Safe Warehouse) expertly guided me through all the correct choices to protect my guns and other items. Perfect delivery and installation. Totally satisfied with my Franklin Liberty 25 Safe. Options for this safe -- motion lights, electric outlet, rod system, cover and Peet Dryer made everything right at initial installation. Highly recommend dealer and Liberty Safes.

written by Doug on March 1, 2017

If you are undecided, read this!
written by Rockefella63 on October 24, 2016
Undoubtedly one of the best safes you can buy! I did my research for about a year before actually purchasing this safe, and I was impressed with the quality and durability these safes have to offer. The locking devices are made by the same company that makes the locks for our military. This is not a purchase, it is an is the last safe you will ever need.

Excellent quality gunsafe
written by Boss Hog on October 6, 2016
I received my Liberty gunsafe today, excellent quality, set up was quick and easy. I installed the lights myself, very simple operation. Combo lock and keys come with it,
the crew that delivered the safe showed me how to work the lock and use the keys, very easy to learn as well. I had all my guns in the safe within an hour of the delivery people leaving. Very secure safe. I like the fact that the bolt go all the way around the door which adds to security.

Only had it a week
written by Cathy D. on September 30, 2016
Looks good in the Den. It will take a few times before I learn how to open it, but
that is the beauty of it.

Protection, Peace of Mind, and Patriotism
written by Jase H. on September 28, 2016
My wife and I purchased our Liberty Safe mostly for three main things: Protection, Peace of Mind, and Patriotism. Protection because we believe that All Men(Women) are created equal, however, we are hardworking Americans who need to protect what we have made for ourselves-and believe no one has the right to take that from us. Peace of mind because we have lost family members and wanted to protect old photographs and our genealogy. Patriotism because Liberty Safes are made in the USA and we believe that we need to support production and jobs in this country. Thank you Liberty Safe for providing trustworthy safes and supporting this wonderful country we live in. God Bless the USA.

New Liberty Franklin 25
written by Happy Owner on July 13, 2016
I love my new Liberty safe. The burgundy and brass combo looks beautiful in my office. I upgraded to the D-drive lock and I love it. Action Lock and Safe in Tampa was great to deal with. Alden my sales person was excellent and the delivery team was very careful and friendly. Highly recommended!

Safe purchasing experience
written by Lloyd Phillips on June 13, 2016
Because of the state of the economy and the direction this country may continue to head, I came to the conclusion that I wanted a safe in my home. I had heard about the Liberty safe on the radio for several years and knew where the local dealer was located. I went to the dealer's store, talked with the salesman and selected a safe that would hold guns, if I decide to acquire any, and hold other items. I removed items from the bank safe deposit box and put them in my home safe.

written by Fire Inspector on May 28, 2016

written by Richard Safer on May 25, 2016

The BEST out there - love it!
written by Bill F. on July 15, 2015
Title says it all!

Great safe and value
written by Hanna Morris on July 24, 2014
We were so excited to finally have our safe. The interior is beautiful with the removable shelves and the pocket lined door. The grey marbled exterior is so pretty and I wouldn't have chosen any other color. The safe is rated for 75 minutes of fire and I have had to watch my other half carefully to make sure he doesn't test this. I would definately recommend this safe to anyone.

Not right now!
written by Bill Green - Tampa on July 11, 2014
Having just purchased the safe and having it delivered today, I have no comments at present other than to say I am very happy with my purchase. Liberty makes a great safe! Thank you.

Fabulous Safe
written by M. Lorean on June 14, 2014
This safe has surpassed our expectations. The ease of customizing the unit to accommodate our needs is great, the space is ample to house everything we need kept in a protected environment. The finish is beautiful as well. I cannot recommend this unit enough!

Franklin 25
written by Sargent Major on June 13, 2014
The Franklin 25 is just the right size to fit in the room that we placed it. The fit and finish is outstanding. The delivery team was very professional and explained all the features of the safe and answered all my questions.

We'll worth the wait
written by Mark Jomes on April 8, 2014
After ordering my safe online, it was in my house in less than 60 days. It exceeded all my expectations! The quality of the safe inside and out, and the accessories that are available, make it " well worth the wait."

Good Job
written by Clymad on April 2, 2014
The Franklin Series safe is a great product.

Excellent experience
written by JeremyinFlorida on March 25, 2014
Beautiful safe. Purchasing, delivery and installation were easy and fast. Safe looks great.

Easy to find the best safe on the market
written by Florida Steve on March 16, 2014
Only looked for a few days for a gun/everything safe. I looked at many different makes and model, all trails led me to Liberty Safe. Buying from this safe company was a "No Brain-er". From quality construction, to the versatility of the interior, to fire protection for everything that you place in this safe. When comparing safe's from other companies it was easy to see they all fell short in comparison.

Very Satisfied
written by fat-n-happy on February 9, 2014
After reviewing a few different manufacturers, I finally decided to go with Liberty. I was sold on the reputation and the "bang for the buck", although the color options did help make the decision easier. After reading other reviews, I already anticipated having issues with the lighting, but I received a newer model, so I'm hoping that the issue has been resolved. In any event, it's really not that big of a deal.

I planned to save some money and install the safe myself, and I'm glad I did, but 800 lbs turned out to be a little heavier than it sounded when I read it on the internet. If I hadn't had access to a bucket loader and a pallet jack, it would have been nearly impossible.

Thrilled to finally own a Liberty Safe
written by Proud Owner :-) on October 26, 2013
It took me many years to decide on a safe because it was important to me and my family to have the best one out there! Liberty Safe has it! I love everything about my safe, all the features the Franklin offers is peae of mind to know my property is safe, plus American Made!!! The Salesperson Lee, was so knowledgeable and patient! He was great!! I had my safe delivered in 3 days and the two gentlemen were fantastic. Thank you Liberty Safe!!!!!!!

written by Jim on September 12, 2013
This heavy safe is a fantastic combination of quality and features with price. The only thing I would change is the internal shelving. For this price, pressed wood shelving is a little skimpy. The support and shelves should be solid wood. I store a lot of ammo and my center support was bending. I had to use one of the shelves as a brace and this made my long gun storage extremely tight. With real wood, or at least a metal support beam, this safe would be perfect.

Could not be more pleased
written by Bob in Florida on August 28, 2013
Just finished putting all our valuables in our new Franklin 50. 17 long guns, 11 hand guns, coin collections, jewelry, birth certificates and other critically important papers and more. In addition to being the perfect size and format for our needs, our new Franklin 50 is beautiful and we were able to customize the interior and set our own lock codes in just minutes. But the most important aspect to our first experience with our new safe was the peace of mind we felt when we closed the door and walked away!

Amazing options
written by Willem on August 16, 2013
The size and options that are available with this series is incredible. We spent more time choosing the interior than we did in deciding which size safe to purchase.

My Franklin 25
written by CJ on July 30, 2013
Great safe with an awesome warranty and high quality finish. For the price size and added features, you can't go wrong. That's why I choose Liberty safes USA.

written by LIBERTY FOR LIFE on June 5, 2013

Best Safe for the price range.
written by Tita on June 5, 2013
Great Safe does as it described, Quality, Reputation, Warranty is excellent. Very satisfy with the product, Highly recommended. A+++++

Franklin 25
written by Mike J on April 19, 2013

bigger is better
written by Florida hotrodder on April 3, 2013
This safe is great! We were looking at a Franklin 35 originally.Our local dealer had a sale and we upgraded to the 50 for just a little more. The adjustable shelving and extra door pockets give us all the space we need.

Fanklin 50
written by New Buyer on April 1, 2013
It is just big enough to accommodate all my needs

My Liberty Safe Franklin 50
written by EvergladesGK on March 29, 2013
I gave 5 stars but only time a crime or fire will tell the tale (of course I hope to never find out), but if this safe functions as advertised I'll remain a very happy customer. The extra piece of mind in regards to fire protection for both myself and my wife is very comforting. Our old photos docs and backup hard drives now have their own cool pockets and media box for even more protection within the safe. With our dogs our alarm system and now a 60 minutes 1,200 degree fire rated safe & accessories, we feel we have covered our bases pretty well. Personally I am totally satisfied with the size looks versatility & price of this safe. Additionally the customer service from both Liberty Safe and Action Lock & Safe (my dealer) have been outstanding so far.
Liberty's Response:
We need to clarify protecting electronic data storage. During a fire, The COOL POCKETS will help keep the temperatures inside the pocket 50 degrees cooler than the rest of the safe during a fire. The UL benchmark for maximum temperatures inside the safe during a fire is set at 350 degrees. The threshold for electronic data and harddrives however is well below that, around 140 degrees for harddrives and 125 degrees for CDs/DVDs max. We suggest buying another fire box or media cooler to put your electronic discs or harddrives inside, and then place that unit on the floor of your safe. Temperatures on the floor can be as much as 100 degrees cooler during a fire than the top shelf. The COOL POCKET works great for paper documents and other more sensitive items, but not electronic data if the fire has a longer burn time creating higher temperatures.

written by Sobe on March 10, 2013
Very beautiful safe.

Franklin 50
written by John Galt on February 27, 2013
We are extremely pleased with our Franklin 50. The setup was completed and everything was explained in detail to us.

Very Satisfied
written by J on February 9, 2013
I would highly recommend this safe. It is very attractive and does the job. Compared to other safe's it will certainly outlast. Check out the website for great videos related to the quality and security of this safe brand.

Very Solid Safe
written by Wayne on February 8, 2013
I recently received my Liberty Franklin 25. These safes are very popular now and I had to take black or wait 3 months for a different color. So black it is.

I had considered several other brands including smaller safes since I don't own any long guns. However, I am very happy that I moved up to the Franklin 25. I've found a lot of things I hadn't previously considered to put in there.

The longer locking bolts and flexible interior are very nice features. This model also has power which is a big plus. I would highly recommend this safe to anyone.
Liberty's Response:
Yes, it is a longer wait time for a Liberty Safe right now, but it's worth the wait. Most dealers have safes in stock, but color choices are not as prevelant when demand is so high. By the way, Black is the most popular color choice because it fits with most home decor.

Satisfied Customer
written by R Stovall on February 7, 2013
I started looking for a safe several years ago, although it was not a priority back then.The price back then was a deciding factor which the affordable safes were a bit bare bones, quality was not there and to be truthful, cheap looking imitations. My gun collection had got to the point where it was hard to hide and secure all of them. The final decision though was the security of my coin collection. My choice was the Franklin 50 which I felt gave me growing room without sacrificing quality. Excellent quality control and craftsmanship are benchmarks that impress.

Franklin 50
written by bill on February 2, 2013

franklin safe
written by slm55 on January 4, 2013
One of the best thing I have ever bought. Looks great in the house and all my friends are very jealous. I wouldn't consider any other safe on the market.

Great Safe
written by Phisixs on January 4, 2013
I would reccommend a Liberty Safe to anyone that wanted a quality product.

Great Safe
written by Jeff on December 31, 2012
Just love it. Recommend it to everyone I know!

Best Purchase made!
written by BigCH on December 18, 2012
I wanted to purchase a safe that was reliable and built in the United States.
I did a lot of research online and in store looking for over a month.
Everything that I looked at seemed that people would still be able to break into easily and the warranty wasn't very good on the other safes, also the other safes were made in China.
I figured I would go ahead and spend a little more money, but it would be worth it in the long run.
I consider the purchase as a long term investment.

written by Douglas on December 2, 2012
5 Stars...

Quality Through and Through
written by JW on November 28, 2012
Everything about this safe says USA #1.

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